Farewell, So Long

For nearly 24 years, it has been a pleasure to bring you Handjobs every month. Sadly, the October 2014 issue was the last issue of Handjobs we published.

We first published Handjobs in April of 1991. We only made twelve copies of that first issue, and with butterflies in our stomachs, took them to A Different Light Bookstore in San Francisco. To our surprise, the magazine buyer bought them on the spot and a week later called to order more.

Every month since then, we have published Handjobs, 283 issues in all. However, with bookstores closing at a steady clip, and the number of subscribers waning, there are no longer sufficient readers to keep this magazine going.

At one time we were hoping that we could keep Handjobs going as an online magazine. A few years ago, it seemed like a very promising venture. However, as the internet has exploded, it has become a medium where only a few people are willing to pay for anything. Within hours of posting a new issue of Handjobs on our site, readers were copying and sharing it and making it available for free to anyone. As a result, very few of the people who were currently reading Handjobs were paying for Handjobs, and without revenue coming in, we were unable to keep buying artwork and hosting our web servers.

We closed our website on November 1, 2014. To purchase any of our many back issues, Handjobs Anthologies, Dad's Bedtime Tales, and any of our other publications, email us at orders@hjmag.com. If you were a subscriber and have issues or books you previously ordered and need to download them again, or would like to order the Dad's Bedtime Tales Newsletter and Dad's Bedtime Tales 22, email dad@hjmag.com.

It truly has been an honor to serve you these many years. We wish we could keep publishing for many more years, but unfortunately, that's no longer feasible. Best wishes to you all, and we wish you all much joy and happiness.

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